Supplier Requirments

Dear Supplier,

Due to Matechet Carmel standard’s and commitments kindly apply our requirements:

1 General requirements :

1.1 The Supplier shall maintain ISO9001:2008 or AS9100C certification

1.2 C.O.C (for catalog items), COA (for raw materials) shall be attached to each lot.

1.3 Items/Materials shall be marked and identify according to the applicable requirement.

1.4 The supplier is not authorized for any use as is or repair for non-conforming materials ,any deviation must be approved by THE PURCHASER

1.5 Parts should be identify and tractable to the heat number of the raw material by a date code or lot.

1.6 The supplier shall furnish material form one heat lot / date code.

2 Customer right of entry

2.1 Work under this purchase order/contract can be subject to government or customer surveillance/inspection at the supplier’s facilities and sub-tier supplier’s facility. If a surveillance / inspection is to be conducted by the government or customer the supplier will be notified prior to this event.

3 Records

3.1 The manufacturer will maintain quality records regarding products for a 7-year period at least or according to other instruction by the final customer.

3.2 Destroying quality records of aerospace products requires prior approval of THE PURCHASER.

4 Lot rejection

 4.1 THE PURCHASER is required to be reported on every case that material lot is identified as rejected.


Thank you for your cooperation


Industrial Products / DIY
Agriculture & Water
Air Condition & Energy