More than 60 years of accumulated
management experience, as well as
expertise in forming and fabrication
for the aerospace industry.
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Matechet Carmel has been 
manufacturing precision parts for 
the defense industry since the 
company was founded in 1954.

At Matetchet Carmel, we manufacture a wide
range of automotive components using state-
of-the-art powered presses,
which apply force to sheet
metal through hard tooling.
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Matechet Carmel offers high precision metal 
stampings & deep drawing parts and assemblies 
for the medical devices industry here in Israel.
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Matechet Carmel specializes in
manufacturing air-conditioner,
refrigerator, and solar components.

Since 1954, Matechet
Carmel has practiced
excellence in the area
of flexible manufacturing
of precision sheet
metal parts.

  Matechet Carmel specializes in precision metal 
  stamping, deep-drawing, spinning, and machining 
  for industrial metal parts.
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Matechet Carmel
Metal Forming Industries

Matechet Carmel
 Ltd. is a family-owned company established in 1954 by Mr. Ervin Singer, specializing in the design and manufacture of tools and dies for the metal forming industry. Today, the company is managed by the family’s second generation and operates a 3000 sqm plant located in the new Ziporit Industrial Park near the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Matechet Carmel manufactures a wide array of products from a variety of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, low carbon steel, nickel, nickel alloys and aerospace material; and employs a range of advanced metal-forming technologies including stamping, progressive stamping, deep drawing, spinning, welding and surface treatment. As a subcontractor, the company specializes in precision custom-made components.  Read More>
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